Recreational Overview

Recreational (U4-U13)

Regular Cost: $215

Late Registration Cost: $225 (After August 5)

After August 13th, there will be a $30 fee for any registration cancelations.

Practice Days & Times: When you are selecting a team, you are also selecting the team's practice time which is listed next to the team name. Typical practice times are 5:45 or 6:45p MON - THU

New Players are welcome to register for any team that has an opening.

How to Register: As you complete the registration, you will be asked to Register with a Team. The team you register for is the team you will be on. 

Friend Requests: To get on the same team as a friend, make sure you both register for the same team in the same age group.

A Common Sense Approach: While registrations are accepted based on player age, we will ultimately get players into groups where they are challenged.

Full Training Curriculum: You wouldn't send your child to a school with no curriculum, so why do that with their soccer development?

Knowledgeable Staff Coaches: Coaches should want to coach & not just end up coaching because no one else would. Our paid staff oversee training sessions & games.

Game Times:  Games are Saturday and usually the younger players have the earlier games. 

Game Days for Fall 2017: Sept 9, 16, 23, 30 Oct 7, 14, 21, 28, Nov 3

Age Divisions: If your child is advanced, All Stars staff will do evaluations and place at their proper level. 

  • Under 4 Coed  |  2013, 2014 Birth Years (4v4) No Goal Keepers

  • Under 5 Coed  |  2012 Birth Years (4v4) No Goal Keepers

  • Under 6 Boys  |  2011 Birth Years League (4v4) No Goal Keepers

  • Under 6 Girls  |  2011 Birth Years League (4v4) No Goal Keepers

  • Under 7 Boys  |  2010 Birth Years League (4v4) No Goal Keepers

  • Under 7 Girls  |  2010 Birth Years League (4v4) No Goal Keepers

  • Under 8 Boys  |  2009 Birth Years (7v7) with Keepers

  • Under 8 Girls  |  2009 Birth Years (7v7) with Keepers

  • Under 9 Boys  |  2008 Birth Years (7v7) with Keepers

  • Under 9 Girls  |  2008 Birth Years (7v7) with Keepers

  • Under 11 Boys  |  2007, 2006 Birth Years (7v7) with Keepers 

  • Under 11 Girls  |  2007, 2006, 2005 Birth Years (7v7) with Keepers 

  • Under 13 Girls  |  2005, 2004 Birth Years (7v7) with Keepers

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