Game Time: 10 min Quaters 2 min break inbetween   Ball Size: 3

Offside Rule: No offside                 Play Time: Minimum 50% play time required      

Player Substitution:  Anytime the ball leaves the field or when a goal is scored.

Halftime: 5 min                              Field Size: 25 x 35      Penalty Kicks: None    

Players: 4v4                                  Goal Size: 4' x 6'    Out of Bounds: Throw Ins    

Referees: Coaches, Asst. Coaches or Parents or Center Referee           Goalies: No 

Restarts: The opposing team should retreat 3 yards or more from the player attempting to bring the ball back in play.    



Law I-The Field:

A. Dimensions: The field of play shall be rectangular, its length not more than 35 yards nor less than 25 yards, its width not more than 30 yards nor less than 20 yards. The length in all cases shall exceed the width. U S Youth Soccer Recommendation: Length 30 Yards Width: 25 Yards
B. Markings: Distinctive lines not more than (5) inches wide. A halfway line shall be marked out across the field. A center circle with a three (4) yard radius. Four corner arcs each with a two (2) foot radius. Goal area: none 
C.Goals: The size of hockey goals or 4 x 6 feet (suggested)

Law II-Ball Size:

A. The Ball: Size three (3) 

Law III-Number of Players:

A. Maximum number of players on the field at any one time is three (4).
B. Maximum number of players on the roster should not exceed six (7). (If playing "Dual field" method roster size may be larger)
C. There are NO Goalkeepers.
D. Substitutions: Allowed anytime ball is out of play- with the permission of the
referee or game official.
E. Playing time: Each player SHALL play a minimum of 50% of the total playing
F. Teams and games may be coed.

Law IV-Players Equipment: Conform to FIFA with the following exceptions:

A. Footwear: Tennis shoes or soft-cleated soccer shoes
B. Shinguards are MANDATORY.

Law V-The Referee:

Rather than require a Certified Referee, an OFFICIAL (Game Manager, Coordinator, Observer, Parent/Coach) may be used. Their job is to keep the playing environment FUN, SAFE and focused on the child. Duties are the same as a Referee under the FIFA Laws of The Game: keep time, enforce the rules, stop and restart play. When you stop play for a foul or other reason, take the time to explain to the players WHY! This is their first experience with soccer, too, and the best time to educate all on the Laws of The Game.

Law VI- Assistant Referee: Not used in the small-sided game.

Law VII-Duration of the Game:
A. The game shall be divided into four (4) equal, eight (10) minute quarters.
B. There shall be two (2) minute break between quarters one and two and another two (2) minute break between quarters three and four.
C. There shall be a half-time break of five (5) minutes.

Law VIII-The Start of Play: Conform to FIFA, with the following exception:

A. Opponent must be three (4) yards from the center mark while kick-off is in

Law IX-Conform to FIFA: Ball in and Out of Play:

Ball must completely cross line to be out of play.

Law X-Method of Scoring: Conform to FIFA Ball must completely cross goal line between posts and beneath crossbar to count.

Law XI-Off-Side:

A. There is no offside in small-sided games.

Law XII-Fouls and Misconduct: Conform to FIFA with the following exception:

A. No cautions or ejections shall be issued to players except by an independent neutral referee.

Law XIII-Free Kicks: Conform to FIFA with the following exception:

A. All free kicks will be indirect.
B. Opponents must be three (4) yards away. Suggest moving oppents to 

Law XIV-Penalty Kicks:There are no Penalty Kicks in small-sided games.

Law XV-Throw-In: Replaced by a Kick-in. Awarded when ball completely crosses sideline.

A. Kick-in is considered as an indirect free kick with the opponent three (3) yards away from the ball.

Law XVI-Goal Kick:

If the team attempting to score a goal and kicks the ball over the goal line outside the goal posts, the opposing team puts the ball back into play with a goal kick. The Goal Kick should be taken within 2-3 yds. of the goal and opposing players must be 5-6 yds away.

Law XVII-Corner Kick:

If team defending goal last touches ball before it crosses goal line, the attacking team puts it into play with an indirect kick.

US Youth Soccer Recommendations

-Opposing parents/coaches and players should shake hands after each game. 
-Participation awards for ALL- No trophies or awards just for best team.
-Parent/coaches, non-playing players and spectators should be there to enjoy
 and encourage the activity of the youngsters.
-No alcoholic beverages or Tobacco will be consumed or allowed near the playing area.

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